Happy Cones


America’s first New Zealand style creamery! All ice cream is made onsite, with a variety of delicious flavors and their NZ-style ice cream that is blended to order with sweet cream ice cream and real fruit.




On what date did your business first open at Edgewater?

November 16, 2019

What three adjectives best describe your business?

happy, tasty, vibrant

Please list one or two of your best-selling items.

Hokey Pokey (creamy vanilla ice cream churned with scratch-made toffee honey comb), New Zealand-style Mixed Berry

What's something about your business that most people don't know?

In 2015 we opened our ice cream truck with the very first New Zealand-made ice cream blending machine in the United States.

What's a fun fact about your business?

Our owner Hap Cameron achieved a goal of living and working on every continent of the world before the age of 30, working a total of 32 jobs on the world’s seven continents over nine years.